Homestay in Perth

Some parts of our trip have been very remote. One of our reasons for a trip like this was to spend time together, just us. It has helped us to appreciate each other’s ways and to embrace our differences (sometimes not voluntarily!). Being by ourselves is actually quite tricky to achieve in Sydney, but we have grown very fond of it on this trip.

On other days we have been very thankful to have time to meet new people. We have had an opportunity to develop new friendships and meet different people, who would never cross our paths in Sydney. Some of our most wonderful memories so far are shared with fellow travelers.

Almost four months in, as we drove into the outskirts of Perth, we were ready for a home stay with dear friends.

Some of the little things we loved included undercover walking to the bathroom, no set up or pack up, food cooked in an oven (and not always by us!), and watching a real TV. Then there was the really good stuff like not queueing for the washing machine and buying a coffee at a great coffee shop.

Barrandgirl’s kids, AB aged 3 & Jemmie aged 1, became brothers and sisters and the extra parents made everything much easier to achieve. Always on top of what’s happening in Perth, Barrandgirl steered us in the way of some great tourist & some great not so tourist places. But we also had the opportunity to just do some suburban living.

Hangin' in the burbs...Perth style

AB & The girls took a shopping trip via the Mad Men fashion exhibition, and ended up in the State Library of WA, where some of the best shopping was done. Previously loaned books are sold for about $1 there! Yippee! Together with our Vinnies finds and extended loans from the Stark Library, We have just about managed to stock up on enough reading for the rest of our trip.

Scitech – the WA Science museum was a hit for all. It wasn’t our first visit, but still held it’s audience, as we investigated all the exhibits and then watched the “High Voltage” show – all of which we figure covers science for this term…

Investigating sound waves.

Hang Glider simulator - all in the name of science.

We visited a Swanbourne School Church, a Perth Home church. We took in a movie at Freeo, even did a bit of school work and went to Heathcote park where we played on the most fantastic pirate ship. Axo1000 was heard to remark “This is the best engineered playground I’ve ever been to.” And technically, he has not been to the brilliant-brand-new Darling Quarter Playground in Sydney – engineered by his father!!

Another brilliant thing about boarding at Chateaux Barrandgirl was the trusted babysitting service. It was our first “just adults” dinner in 4 months. We had dinner at Steve’s in Nedlands and the kids spent the evening regaling long suffering Carms with stories of our trip. We were so appreciative.

A real highlight of our stay was a day of exploring Freeo with the aforementioned Proprietors of Stark Library. Our kids could not wait to hang out with their best friends in Perth, and we couldn’t wait to see our wonderful friends either. Nick selected a picnic park with sweeping views of Freemantle Port.

Yep, the old timer shot.....Spike & Kate, Nick & Sal

And next it was on to Freemantle prison.

Shady characters outside Freeo Prison, Ben & Josh with axo1000 & BloggiE

We took the “Escapes” tour. Our guide, John, was a marvellous storyteller who had us hanging off every word.

LIke the Pied Piper, the children were enthralled.

We particularly enjoyed the stories of the famous WA artist whose works are all in the State Art Gallery except for the ones on his prison cell wall, and Moondyne Joe, the bushranger who escaped so many times that they eventually made him a free man.

Moondyne Joes's reinforced cell. Didn't stop him!

Some gorgeous external prison walls - love that Heritage Listing.

Not only did we think it an excellent time to be in Perth this week, but so did HRH Liz II. While CHOGM disrupted the city (but let’s face it – a trip down Ryde Rd at 7:30 any morning would give you more grief!!) we queued for a glimpse of Her Majesty.

At the barricades...


Great Paparazzi shot by axo1000. Can you spot her? Phil is giving the wave.

Ending on a royal high, we went for one last group shot of Team Perth. Our heartfelt thanks Mike & Rach, AB & Jemmie!

In the backyard of our home away from home.

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9 Responses to Homestay in Perth

  1. Libby says:

    Lovely lovely. Great paparazzi shot too.

  2. Lozzy says:

    Wow! The queen! Good timing! shame it was the 4wd & not the golden carriage that day. You guys are looking very contented. How much longer now? 3months?

    • Hi Lozzy,
      Yes, would have loved the golden carriage! Can’t believe how quickly the time is going. We are over half way now – about 2 and a half months to go. A return to work in mid Jan will bring us home. Hope all well at yours. K

  3. Martin and Debbie Walker says:

    Hi Wheatleys,
    Just perusing the blog site and enthusing over all your fabulous adventures again – and this time daring to blog. A first for the Walkers I think! Actually, not so hard…
    Brilliant you are all having such a fabulous time.
    We have been much less adventurous generally as you can imagine keeping up with school, activities ( more cocert practices than you can poke a stick at), gym appearances, bike rides (Spike are you missing these?) and the like. We did however venture off shore to Vietnam for the holidays! Gibbs River Road didn’t work out, so why not Vietnam we thought? Only for 2 weeks but enough to get the flavour of Asia and to have a break from the routine of Australia. Seems like a distant memory now, I think you guys have the holiday strategy ‘all sewn up right’.
    Will keep watching……
    The Walkers

    • Hey Walkers,
      Great to hear from you on the blog. Sounds like you have had some adventures of your own. Must have been interesting exploring a totally different culture and country. Maybe Gibb River next year… Spike does miss his Sunday riding and his riding buddies. We try to provide him with riding opportunities, but are not really in the same league as the Bobbin Head boys! None of us miss those end of year concert practices! Look forward to hearing about your adventures on our return. Special “Hi” from Will to Matt,
      Kate & the online Wheatleys

  4. Granma says:

    Lovely to see familiar faces all looking happy in Perth! The adventure continues to amaze us. Will and Ele you both look so tanned and so tall. What are you eating? We are packing up at Macs today for our return to the real world this week. Should be fun! Love from Granma x

  5. rach and ed lowe says:

    where r u now wheathleys looks like u r having a ball

  6. rach and ed lowe says:

    hi will tennis is great from ed

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