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Where the Streets Have Strange Names

A whirlwind tour of ten cities by Will & Spike…..    

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Venice. A watery, sunny, lovely, sleepy, windy, yummy city, crammed with festivals, little cobbled alleyways and tiny glass shops fulled to the brim with treasures and gems. The aqua streets are filled with boats and gondolas. Let’s just say that … Continue reading

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San Cassiano

The journey from the airport to San Cassiano wound through the Dolomites, climbing up mountain roads, going higher and higher over each pass. The snow began to fall, the roads got narrower and Heidi, our driver, spent more and more … Continue reading

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Now if you’re like me you know that all old buildings and art are boring right? Wrong! Only MOST old buildings and art are boring. Continue reading

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For the first time in several weeks, the weather forecast for the next section of the trip promised a positive (read: warmer / sunnier) change. Arrival in Avignon was the signal for Will to strip off down to his T-Shirt … Continue reading

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(Or… 101 facons de sauter la file d’attente) Paris, the City of Light. Or, in our case, during the week of New Year’s Eve, the City of Queues! Vibrant but very busy, Paris was filled with hordes of Europeans visiting … Continue reading

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