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WARNING: THIS IS A VERY LONG POST. GOOD LUCK! What do think of when someone says ” London “? Do you think of…. a) High street shopping b) London Tower c) The Queen and Buckingham Palace Or… d) The Tube … Continue reading

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Not usually featured in a top ten of Europe, we have decided here to give Wotton-Under-Edge a red-hot-go on the blog! ….but not before I digress and take you to Warwick Castle, at which we stopped on the way down … Continue reading

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The next day we woke up at the crack of dawn. Which (thankfully), in England, is eight o’clock. Continue reading

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Arriving in Berlin,  we journeyed to our apartment passing monument after monument. The city showed a glimpse of its place in the history of the German nation. We had certainly moved from “ye olde worlde” Bavarian provincial feel to a … Continue reading

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Dark at 4.30pm, freezing and full of sausages – every time we wake up and head out for breakfast in the dark, I confess that I wonder what we are doing in Europe in Winter! Munich however is working its … Continue reading

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Jake and the Giant Camp Sign-Off

It is with mixed emotions we have arrived home. A feeling of achievement, excitement to be here, sadness at the thought of something special finished, relief that we are safe and thankfulness for an experience such as this. As we … Continue reading

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Postcards from the Journey Home

We knew that once we left that ferry in Port Melbourne, we would want to head for home. With holiday time dwindling, we spent the past week ticking off a few things, but also savouring our last moments of riding, … Continue reading

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