Rottnest Island

A holiday from the holiday, that was the plan. We had booked a week on Rotto a few months before we set off in July and thus it became a bit of a milestone as a sort of halfway mark.  A week of comparative luxury that included 4 solid walls, 2 separate bedrooms, not having to go outside to go to the toilet. It was also on a beach. Lots of pluses to look forward to.

After dropping Jake at the Jayco Day Spa & Wellness Centre where he was staying for the week, we boarded the ferry and powered out to Rotto.  Our first mission was to collect our bikes in order to get to the villa and to conduct all our island travels.  It was not hard to embrace the cycling lifestyle again, especially as our riding has been non existent since half a tonne of iron ore dust coated the bikes in the Pilbara. BloggiE got into the action, upgrading herself to a larger geared bike and in no time was powering around the island and up the hills.

Back in the saddle again.

Our Villa.......called Bricks on the Beach (Clay su Mer)

Cycle exploration - checking out the old barracks

The next day we awoke to a strange phenomenon. The sky was covered with a strange grey substance that dropped water from way up on high. No beach, no bike rides, so we jumped aboard a speed boat for some adventure whale watching. If we were to get wet we might as well combine the activities. We had a wild ride out, jumping over the waves and riding the swell. We spotted some humpback whales, young calves breaching and playing. Unfortunately we also got caught in a squall so after the whales disappeared we quickly headed back to shore and calmer waters.

Whale Ahoy !


Wet n Wild Whale Watching

The gloomy weather passed and we were back outside to continue the sun, sand and sea lifestyle.

After the rain.

Our dear old mates Barrandgirl and entourage arrived on Wednesday to join us in soaking up some of the Rottnest vibe.  A few days were dedicated to riding around the island, swimming at some of the many beautiful bays, checking out the Lighthouse, coffees at the bakery and dinners together.

Tour de Rotto


Frolicking at Fays Bay


Team Rotto at Wadjemup Lighthouse

More beaches to discover.

Mermaids on the beach

A visit from the local wildlife

We found that there is something very holidayish about Rottnest Is. Maybe its the beach/island location or the no cars/bike ride everywhere concept. It definitely made us feel like we were on holidays from the holiday.

The holiday vibe!

Fortunately our time of bricks and mortar will continue in Perth as we catch up with old friends and enjoy walking down the street to grab a coffee.

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1 Response to Rottnest Island

  1. Lucy says:

    The fabulous adventures continue! It is incredible that you are only half way…. does this mean you’ll be gone till Term 2?! Loving all the amazing photographs and looking forward to our own days of sunshine here in Sydney (there have been a few to tempt us, but they haven’t lasted long so far).
    Love to all xxx

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