A Journey Through the Pinnacles (or…These Flies!!!!)

A huge drive. Two days to do it – and in 1300km, so much time in the car.

On the second day, we took the newly opened Indian Ocean drive between Dongara and Perth – straight down the coast. On the brand new stretch was the turn off to the Pinnacles and with a serious dose of cabin fever, we took the exit to stretch our legs as much as check out (what is possibly) the most visited rock formations on this side of the continent.

As we drove past the checkpoint into the National Park, the Ranger told us we could drive around the Pinnacles (but we would have to unhitch our camper), or we could walk. At 1.5kms, we chuckled, popped on our walking boots and made jokes about doing this sort of walk before breakfast in the Kimberley! I mean who exactly would want to drive for 1.5km, when you could walk around such an iconic tourist attraction?

We alighted from Tug and immediately understood. Beseiged by flies, we rifled through the bags and supplies in the boot for the, as yet, unused fly nets that were stashed somewhere for just this sort of crisis. There was nothing fashionable about it. Just relief from those flies.

Protection from the hordes.

The Pinnacles themselves struck us as small after our adventures, and the cars driving the rest of the tourists around the small area, kept getting in our way and our photos. It was kind of interesting that there were lots of them and in some areas, they had flat tops. The biggest upside was the 1.5km walk after 2 days in the car.

Limestone Pinnacles, like a graveyard with yellow sand.

So many of them...good in big numbers.

I guess when we pass this way again and are seeking out Kalbarri and Shark Bay, we’ll have already ticked this one off the list!

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3 Responses to A Journey Through the Pinnacles (or…These Flies!!!!)

  1. SamR says:

    They look like little creatures!

    – Soph.

  2. Marnie says:

    We are learning lots about these parts of WA you have just been through – makes us very keen to fill in our “gaps”. As usual your photos are fantastic – and idyllic. I guess the Perth skies and weather (from what we gather from TV weather) have been a bit of a shock after all that beautiful blue sky! Loved the flies episode – I did wonder when you were going to finally experience that! That’s the ultimate outback experience!!

  3. Lozzy says:

    Sounding slightly jaded? Not the Pinnacle of your trip? Tee Hee!

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