Cape to Cape Adventures

Alex Rider is rushing through the tall, long grass. That man on the quad bike with the flame thrower would be back any minute. Suddenly a cloud of flame burst through the… “Will!” my mum calls across the camper, “Time to get up!”

We are in Busselton. The North of the South of the West…ish. We’re near Cape Naturaliste, where we had a tour of the lighthouse. We learned about the Lead crystal lens. BloggiE said it must be equal to 1000 Eveready Dolphin torches.

This is very much being the lighthouse of Cape Naturaliste

going up to lght the candles

One day we travelled to Canal Rocks, which are a bunch of big rocks on the coast. They are amazing. They are made of granite. Canal rocks had an opening where the waves came in. I called it “Cyclops Gate”. The waves looked like they were going to crash but then they spilled out without crashing.

Canal rocks. Can you spot Cyclops Gate?

We went to a maze. The maze had one of those corny marketing names. It was called Amaze’n. We did the hedge maze in teams. Dad & BloggiE made it out first while Mum & I were still puzzling over which way to go. After, we played quoits, and did more puzzling but smaller mazes. One was the turn left maze, and in one you had to follow the sequence of red, white & black.

Which way ?????

Look how extremely beautacious it is! Oh,and the maze is looking pretty good to.

Dad using a never seen before strategy in quoits.

(Mum’s note: We met the maze grower, who said the maze was planted in 1994 and based on the Hampstead Heath Hedge Maze in UK.)

We did part of the Cape to Cape walk between Yallingup and Canal Rocks. On the walk, there was a dead whale washed up on the rocks. It was really really stinky.

Red rocks and blue water........haven't seen much of that !

‘Twas bucketing down when we went to a winery, Vasse Felix, where Dad & Mum tasted wine, while El & I did school work on the table. Dad was uber excited. Dad even quoted that he could taste the “rich, apricot overtones” in the wine.

I can taste that rich, apricot overtone.

We also ventured to Ngilgi Caves. There were 3 paths and we took the longest one first. On the way, a lady in the cave told us all about all the crystals. There was one path called “The Kiddy Crawl”, where they had made a slide-y-ish thingymabob you could go down. The final path, was a short walk down to an amphitheatre where you could lie down and look up at the stalactites and they would look like missiles about to blow you up.

The "kiddy crawl"

Stallectites and stallecmites and hellectites

At the end of our Cape to Cape Adventure, we went to the most South West corner of Australia. We pulled our raincoats on and went to look at the lighthouse  and the ocean. Cape Leeuwin, as it was called, is where the Indian and the Southern Oceans meet. It’s a billowing gale with rain pelting our eyes like tears.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, dark & stormy where two oceans meet.

Can you see the line separating the oceans?

It makes me feel like Alex Rider standing on the ledge of a cliff about to jump into the stormy sea below. I think I’ll go back to reading my book now.


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5 Responses to Cape to Cape Adventures

  1. rach and ed lowe says:

    hi hope u are having a great time will what’s-your skype name ?

  2. Lozzy says:

    Stormbreaker is a big fav here. Craig esp. loves the series. Haven’t managed to read the whole lot yet, though. Not sure how your mum convinced you to get to a light house at all in the middle of that book.
    What an accomplishment getting from Cape to Cape.

  3. Grace Ayling says:

    hi eley
    When you were going up the stairs of the light house did your legs start grtting sore?

    2S is really missing you also who wauld you like to be in your class next year?

    • Hi Grace, it wasn’t actually as hard as you think because the lighthouse wasn’t as tall as it was in the photo. Next year, I’d like all my special friends in my class and that’s including you! Love BloggiE

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