Coral Bay

We are relieved that we have got out of the red dust and are on the Ningaloo coast. It is blue and sunny (as always) and instead of driving we cycled around Coral Bay. On our first day we met some lovely people who were traveling for the Perth holidays. The next day we walked out to the beach and did some snorkelling; the really good thing about coral bay and Ningaloo reef is that the coral is on the beach. So we put on our masks and snorkels and set off. There were fish all colours and sizes; there was even a fish about 55 centimetres!!! Dad had to dive down to the bottom to get his snorkel (but only once).

cold, but fun

Every afternoon at 3:30 pm there was fish feeding. One afternoon we went and I got to feed a fish. The fish swam in between your legs and and around your body.

feeding the fish

Nearly every afternoon all the children played a game of cards (once I showed our friends some gamewright games they wanted to play more.) First we played Three of a Crime ; a mind boggling game with oddly shaped people. Next we played Sleeping Queens; a royally rousing card game. After, we played Frog Juice; a clever card game of spells & concoctions. Last we played Zeus on the loose; a fun card game including the Greek gods.

Mount olympus goes to 37. . . . .

One day our friends Molly, Olivia and me all built a hideout. We used vines for curtains and a large stick for a bench.


Team Coral Bay


One afternoon axo1ooo hired a skimboard. So we had to go down too. I have to admit he is a natural at skimboarding.

launching. . .

going great. . .


Tune in next time,


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1 Response to Coral Bay

  1. Lozzy says:

    Toby says: Wow!
    Hi guys, thinking of you all this morning when we’re heading off to Nan’s party. We’ll miss you. Hope you have a great day.
    P.S. Kate, you know that thing you were waiting for me to say this year? Well this week I’m saying it. Surprise. Love you.

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