Buley Rockhole

Hallew. Do u want to see some awesome pics of Buley Rockhole? Yes u do!  Do u want to watch a nifty video clip that involves being ninja? Yes u do! Do u want to feel the thrill of jumping off a cliff into  deep river rapids! Yes u do!

Well before all that my mum says I have tell you that Buley Rockhole is a cascade of small waterfalls and waterholes that are about 30cm-1m in height and that it’s located in Litchfield National Park near Florence Falls. We went with our friends James, Tom, Georgie and their parents John and Ali. We went there for a bit of fun and to cool oFF .(as usual.)

At the Rockhole we were all mainly jumping off rocks but Tom and I were also sliding down the waterfalls and climbing back up them while  Mum and John were in a bigger pool taking their chillpills.  Dad, Ali, Georgie, James and Ele were following Tom and I.


Buley Rockhole(s)

The first time you jumped off one of those rocks felt great, a bit like jumping of a cliff……ish, but it was more fun than you would think.

Ninjump Deluxe simulator

The rocks were red and very slippery. Some were high above deeper areas and were perfect for jumping off.

Better than a deckchair anyday!

Dad and Ele's practical guide to flying

Here is a video of some ninja action….


As good as the river rapids ride at your local theme park except slower, no engineering on the safety regulations and no silly queue things.

Spike with Ele having some fun.

No animals were harmed In the making of this text. But for one of you, the dream is about to end. Ha ha ha ha ha.      (Masterchef joke there).



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4 Responses to Buley Rockhole

  1. the rowes says:

    glad to see you are still doing what your mum tells you;-) and chuckled for quite a while about ‘authorised by the NT Ninja association’..
    it all looks like so much fun!!

  2. Lozzy says:

    You had us all in stitches! We watched the Video twice & cheered you all the way down in slow mo the second time. Thank goodness the Northern Territory Ninja association was prepared to authorise the release of this video, it changed our day!
    Toby says: Bullseye! Bullseye! Bullseye! I did jumping off the lounge like you did jumping off the rock & I did landing on a pillow like you did landing in the water.
    Luca says(yells): Ninja! Bullfye! Toby I kick you in the butt!
    We want more!

  3. Grace Ayling says:

    Hi Eley

    2S and 3H are geting the Pizza. Poor eley misses the pizza

    From Grace and 2S

  4. cool, I would love to swap places with you, I’d even give away my DS.

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