Sandy Creek Falls

It was off the beaten track. It took a creek crossing, a 4WD trek and a bushwalk to get in. Best of all, we had it to ourselves.

Litchfield gets busy at times as it close for daytrippers from Darwin however a tip from our campsite sent us on a trek to Sandy Creek Falls.  Since we had not yet done any 4wd outings, we thought we would give it a go. We set off in convoy with the Bohemians and tackled the “off the beaten track” adventure, giving Tug his first swim.


It always amazes us that there are so many great falls and waterholes hiding out there. We ventured for 20kms down the track, stopping for a few sites before we embarked on the bushwalk into the falls.

Termites, NT style.

The walk to get to a waterhole or falls always seems to increase the desire for a cool relaxing swim, all the more pleasant when you are the only ones there.

Sandy Creek Falls

All to ourselves

The waterhole was incredibly clear and with a decent volume of water still coming over the falls, the mandatory shower under the falls was enjoyed.

Time for a shower

Another cracking spot in Litchfield NP.

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9 Responses to Sandy Creek Falls

  1. Lucy says:

    You have discovered some really spectacular scenery – true Australian outback. It looks stunning! Glad to see that everyone is having a fabulous time. Love to you all.

    • Hi lovely Lucy,
      I really don’t think we knew what we were going to experience! It’s been great family time exploring such unique places together. Fantastic to hear from you. Your comment worked!!
      Love Kate

  2. Lisa says:

    Just looks wonderful – keep sending great photos and make us all dream ….

  3. Stellamarie says:

    Wonderful 4×4 ing! Woo hoo! Hey Eleanor, I have posted your picture of you doing your great big jump on my FB (anonymously of course) as well as put it up as my screensaver while I had my laptop at dancing on Saturday! I did it while Amy’s class was there and they all loved it! So now you are leaping across my screen 24 hours a day! I hope you don’t get too exhausted! 🙂 Love Miss Stella

  4. Marnie says:

    You are certainly finding some wonderful spots – it all looks very exciting. The blog is fantastic – we enjoy it so much! Loved the videos.

  5. Trudy says:

    OMG looks magic Kate! Beats West Pymble weather today…

  6. i loved the movie miss you a lot as well.

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