Edith Falls

At Edith falls we camped with some friends (families) who were doing the exact same thing as we were! Our friends from Mataranka were James, Tom and Georgie and their parents were Ali and John. They were meeting some friends at Edith Falls and Dad turned out to know the father from building the Olympic Village. They were Sienna, Hugo and Teya and their parents were Justina and Tim.

One morning we all decided to go on a bush-walk . So we set off walking in the hot blaze of the sun on the track. We had to cross over bridges & leap from stone to stone across the stream.

stepping stones

past the croc infested river. . .

walkin' through the bush

We stumbled into a clearing where our hearts leaped, there was the most gorgeous waterfall we had ever seen it was: EDITH FALLS!

We made it!!!!!!!!!


It was cool but eventually everyone got in. When I first went under the falls, I screamed so loudly that the lady behind had to block her ears, but after the first time it was pro wii mario fadoosh!!!!!! It was the best day of my life (so far) except for Dreamworld.

going under. . .

Will and the boys sunbaked on the big rock.

This is the life!


When we arrived back at the campsite, James came around with the running sheet for the concert that we were doing in the night. Later on everyone brought their chairs to our friends, the Bohemians, campsite and after dinner they all watched the concert. Will played his trumpet solo of “A little Night Music” and I played “Hot Cross Buns” on the flute. All of the kids also did a play called “Super and Evil Kids”. Dad played the guitar and he played Big Red Car by the Wiggles. We all joined in with our seats and Tim provided free headlights.

Dinner with our friends.

Toot toot chugga chugga Edith Falls


It was a lovely night.

Tune in next time….

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13 Responses to Edith Falls

  1. SamR says:

    Sounds like a special day BloggiE. Could you jump off the waterfall?

  2. Marnie says:

    Looks like it was a fantastic time Ele – great blogging!

  3. Stellamarie says:

    I do envy you all! It looks like a super place. I love waterfalls the most, they are the funnest. Have loads of fun Eleanor and Michael and remember that this is the best time of your life and your parents are the best parents for taking this big step to take you out of school around this wonderful country. You should give them a big hug for being so awesome!

    (Now can I have my 10 bucks please Kate!) 🙂

  4. 4Lloyds! says:

    Wow. Small world. The Catteralls are a family from St Albans and Highfields. Mmmm.

  5. Grace Ayling says:

    It looked like the water was freazing cold It is a little bit cold here!!!!!!!! I was going to try and fit into your soot case But I could not fit It was a little tight I love the movies verry much !!!!!!!!!!! They are very Interesting bloggie E
    I love your bloggg very much

    Fromm Grace ( looks fun.)

  6. alice eldershaw says:

    hi ele!!! thanks for my prezzies miss you lots!!see you soon!!
    from alice

  7. alice eldershaw says:

    hi ele how are you? looks like fun swiming!!! our class won the spellathon (yum yum pizza)
    i did tennis today i got to level 2 on the five stages we also did volleys i miss you
    lots of love alicexxxooo

  8. Lozzy says:

    Luca says: When you went under the waterfall that looked fun. ‘Hot cross buns’ sounds so funny. William blowing in the trumpet was fun. I liked your concert.

  9. Grace Ayling says:

    Hi eley

    guest what henry spencer skribled all over your pist card but lukley it came off. henry also put all the balloons in the middle of the sun so me and lucy had to put it back to normal your name is still on the sun. I miss you heaps and heaps see you next year.

    lot of love Grace. ps we miss you.

  10. Grace Ayling says:

    guess what we are going swimming for 2 weeks.there are 5 levels i am in the top one. my teacher is Mr johnson he is nice.

    from grace xxxxxxxxxoooooooo i miss you but i will see you next year

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