The Many Heads of Kata Tjuta

To round out our Red Centre exploration, we ventured out to Kata Tjuta, formerly know as The Olgas. Kata Tjuta means “many heads” in the local vernacular, a far more logical approach to naming than using a random Eastern European ladies name, Following the big walks of Ormiston Gorge, Kings Canyon and Uluru we took a far more leisurely approach to our assault on Kata Tjuta, encompassing some of our own rock art of the sketch pad variety (in lieu of graffiting the rocks).

Another Trek ??

Inspiriation for the artists

Namitijira, eat your heart out!

While only 40km apart, Kata Tjuta is quite different to Uluru but equally spectacular. We were fortunate enough to be able to eavesdrop on a passing guide’s explanation and as the odd Geologist and Rock Doctor might swing by this post…….Uluru and Kata Tjuta come from erosion and deposits from the Peterman Range.  Yet the alluvial fan for Uluru was homogenous forming one monolith, where as Kata Tjuta was heterogeneous forming a conglomerate, (very much like giant Rocky Road). Both were then pushed up over time and with the different erosion of the exposed forms, the result is now there to see.

Wow, rocks !

Compare and contrast with Uluru !

Whilst savouring our last Red Centre destination, we sketched, sat and strolled amongst the many heads of Kata Tjuta.

Goodbye Red Centre

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2 Responses to The Many Heads of Kata Tjuta

  1. Stellamarie says:

    Beautiful! I would love to visit the Red Centre. Bring back lots of sketches Eleanor. xx

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