On the Road

We have developed a bit of a rhythm and routine on travel days now and generally get to savour what passes our window. There have been many things we have seen go by, many observations made and much to ruminate upon while the kilometres click over and hours pass.

Out my window.

Sometimes there's not too much to see.

A long way to go.

Get the school work done first up.

On a long day, movies after school work.

Gotta love the NT, but maybe a bit too fast for Jake.

Over the radio we hear....."prado with van, get off the road, there's a 5.5 coming".......What's a 5.5 ?

Time for lunch. Lets stop at Bogantugan. (true!)

Rest time after lunch.

Time for some dirt.

So we had better let down those tyres.

The Mereenie loop

Relaxing after a hard days drive.

Having a bit of down time.

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5 Responses to On the Road

  1. Libby says:

    How exciting are those dirt roads?! We have such great memories of the ones north of Broome. Bit of a thrill to hear yourself on the radio too.

  2. Trudy says:

    Taken me awhile but finally caught up with your adventures Kate! Bitter Springs look amazing; they remind me of Eli Creek on Fraser Island where the water is incredibly clear and fresh. You all look really settled into the travelling lifestyle now. Enjoy it all! Trudy.

    • Hi Trudy – It’s lovely to hear from you and from your kids earlier this week too. Hope all is well at home. We didn’t make it to Fraser Island – would love to go there on another trip! So many amazing places. Kate

  3. Stellamarie says:

    Love the speed limit! That’s my kinda country! Yahoo! Put the foot down Jake and burn!

  4. Lozzy says:

    Toby says: the 5.5 is so massive! I like your caravan called Jake. We know where you are because we have a song about it. It is about Australia. It’s called “There’s a lot more of Australia out the back”.
    Luca says: Why do you let the tyres down? Why are you going around the dirt one? (the loop)
    Greta: “me say um…… me like this one (the picture of Eleanor having down time)”
    Lozzy says: Nice to see your faces & hear you’re relaxed and in the groove. Looks wonderful & quiet!
    Love to you all

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