Water Ratings

Hello trousers!

Around Aus I will be reviewing the taste of water and so far Sydney/NSW is completely pwning.


There will be a prize for  the best water. So far I’ve tasted the water from towns in these 2 states and I wasn’t happy with some of QLD’S bore water. Here are the results:

Sydney/NSW: 10/10    Queensland 5/10

Queensland water sample

(no wonder they have so much XXXX beer)





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8 Responses to Water Ratings

  1. Libby says:

    Looking forward to your judgement of Perth water. I could rarely drink it without a filter jug. Eergh.

  2. Eddy says:

    Hello Beautiful People

    Love the Blog! We’ve subscribed and will keep an eye on your progress with green envy in our eyes. We’re on the way home now unfortunately, only 3 weeks to go after 4 months and here in Uluru having met with Mum and Dad. You will all have a BALL and wish we could have met up. It’s a flasho blog with that map, are you going to Carnavon Gorge?? Lovely spot although if you’re not it’ll still be there another time and you can’t see everything!!
    Have a wonderful time and great to see your blog
    love the eddys

    • Hi Eddys,
      Great to hear from you. Glad you have enjoyed your trip and hope that the final 3 weeks are really memorable! Which way are you headed home? We are at Longreach and heading towards Uluru probably along “Outback Way / Plenty Hwy. May have to see Carnarvon Gorge another time…but all tips welcome!
      Love Onlinewheatleys

  3. Glad we’re pwning Queensland at something…

  4. Soph Russell says:

    love the mid-air shot of water spraying out of W’s mouth…

  5. Pete says:

    What’s ‘pwning’…????

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