You Know You’re In the Outback….

…when you’re competing with the birds for your breakfast – and they’re not Mynahs…

The bird regarded the girl and the girl regarded the bird...

…when you find yourself at a circus (of the cockatoo kind) watching 70 year old birds riding bicycles on a high wire!

"Tuppence" aged 73 approx.

and rather than pesky ibises - it's brolgas patrolling the campground!

…when the country pub – meeting place and watering hole – takes centre stage.

Barcaldine - population 1500 approx - 3 of the 5 pubs on the main road.

…when the road before you stretches on to the horizon – and few others pass you by…

on it goes..

..and your kids want bush hats to look the part – and wear them every day!

Streuth! Now that's a hat!

And here's a local.

You know you’re outback then.

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10 Responses to You Know You’re In the Outback….

  1. Hermione says:

    Great photos – I love the hats too. Just need some dangly corks to keep the flies away.

  2. 2S says:

    We are loving hearing about all your adventures and the pictures are great. It rained all week here last week so we are very envious of those beautiful blue skies! We all love your hat Eleanor and don’t worry about your spider we have it safe to give to you on your return. We started Tennis today and have just started learning our dance for our assembly item in two weeks time. We are dancing to the Kung Fu Panda theme song. We will let you know how it goes.We miss you heaps but look forward to lots more news over the next 5 months. from 2S xxx

  3. SamR says:

    Loved this post. Well written Kate!

    But why don’t you have a pseudonym?

  4. Lily says:

    Hi Eleanor Im jealous of your pink hat it looks beautiful.I am missing you so much I cant even breath .2S heard your letter it was lovely your Adventures they look cool I miss you love LILY

  5. Scarlett Faktor says:

    Hi Eleanor i hope you are having a fab time on your big trip. I love your new pink hat.You seem to be wearing it alot. all your pictures on the blog are great. I am so jealous about your trip I extreamly want to come with you but of couse you have all ready left.
    I really miss you
    from Scarlett.

  6. hey Scarlett,
    I am having a great time and also how was yours? It’s been boiling round here.The pools are freezing but we jump in anyway. Hope the kung-fu panda dance is going well. love Eleanor

  7. Scarlett Faktor says:

    Hi eleanor
    i had a wonderful holiday and thanks for the reply. i am really missing you.
    love scarlett

  8. Grace Ayling says:

    It looks like you are having a great time I miss you very much

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