1770. The Town Not The Year.

Our last coastal action of the trip until we hit the other side of the country has been spent at the town of 1770. Innovatively named after the place where Captain Cook first set foot on Queensland in 1770.

It has been a great place to chill out for a few days, play with other kids in the campground and soak up the rays on the beach. The glory of the place is the west facing beachfront campground providing sunsets over the water.

Think we might stay for a few days !

However, not all was fun and play. School started back in NSW and so did our school!

Holiday's over, now time for some school work!

After the work has been done, then a bit of foreshore exploring at low tide.

"Ripples in the Sand"

One Tree Beach!

Now its time to turn left and head inland.

Goodbye East Coast. (photo by Kate)

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1 Response to 1770. The Town Not The Year.

  1. Stellamarie says:

    Enjoy these years Guys! Wonderful age this and wonderful memories you are making 🙂

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