Great! Barrier Reef

Today we first packed our bags so fast that I couldn’t keep track of what was happening but still we drove out to the marina and walked down to the barge . We then boated out to the famous da da daaaaaaaaa LADY MUSGRAVE (said in a Spanish accent).

" Here comes the royal, the great, the one and only LADY MUSGRAVE!"

It made us sea sick! But luckily none of us spilled the beans over anyone. The cruise ship took us to the lady musgrave island and did you know that the island is not made out of sand or soil? It is made out of coral.

First we went on a glass bottom boat to the Lady Musgrave Island for a walking tour. We found out that when Posonia trees fall over their shoots still grow upwards. They are the main trees on the island.

"Mummy , can we see a shark?"

Next we boated back and through the glass bottomed boat, we could see a tiny sting ray.

Now it was time for snorkelling. Yaahee! Put on your flippers and let’s dive in! It was an amaazing sight. It was breathtaking. We saw many fish. My favourite fish were the rock cods and the tiny glowing blue ones. At one stage you could see the coral and it was only a centimetre away from the surface. Spike was my snorkelling buddy. He was prickly!

"Let's dive in folks!"

Galley time! It was a yummy afternoon tea, bikkies drinks, even a packet of salt and vinegar chips. My favourite.

On the way home we sat out on the back deck. No one felt at all seasick.

" We even saw a whale!"

p.s. Stay tuned for the underwater snaps that I took with my underwater camera. They haven’t been developed yet.

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3 Responses to Great! Barrier Reef

  1. Libby says:

    Hi BloggiE – C and J just saw all the photos on the blog and they loved seeing what you are doing. The whale photo was very exciting and brought many Octonauts references out 🙂 The water looks beautiful

  2. Chris says:

    Looks like you’re having a great holiday! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  3. Great fun! Looks like you’re having a whale of a time.

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