The One That Got Away!

Our collective fishing experience as a family now totals about 1hr, and already we have great tales of the one that got away. It all started one twilight, in the evening glow of Hervey bay. We had picked up a few rods from Bix, bought a starters pack of tackle and most importantly a little book of fishing tips.

So on the evening tide, full moon rising and all, we cast off from the end of the pier. It seemed the fish were biting and soon we were trying to reel them in. We all hooked some big, and I mean big, fish but four times they got away as we pulled them out of the water (true story!)

Soooo close!

I've got a bite !

Oh, I suppose you’re wondering what the tally was ? One Whiting, 20cm by axo1000

Our goal is to learn some fishing skills over the next 6 months as we will be visiting some hopefully pretty hot fishing spots. Our holy grail is to reel in a Barra in the top end (no harm in dreaming).

Help wanted – any tips welcome and please send through those top spots you have discovered or heard of.

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7 Responses to The One That Got Away!

  1. Marnie says:

    Bix’s comment – maybe some decent rods would help!!

  2. Marnie says:

    Well done Will – you’ve outdone all our efforts over 4 years!!

  3. Stellamarie says:

    It’s called fishing not catching for a reason! Suggestions of top spots: Woolies, Coles, Costa’s Fish Markets!

    Hey Eleanor, I’m waiting for my dinner … got the chips and salad ready now I just need the Whiting on the coals … Hurry up please, I’m hungry! I might do that Sous Surprise of yours as well!

    Miss Stella

  4. Wendy says:

    Hey guys just reading for the first time and loving it! Regarding the fishing – you are heading up north at just a the right time for Barra – they become active in the build up to the wet – so the dream may not be so elusive….love wendy

  5. Pete says:

    A tip – the bait goes on the hook. The hook goes in the mouth of the fish.

    Hope that helps.


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