Brisbane Explorers

Today we set off on a Brisbane journey to see what Brisbane was like! We took our cousin Chicca with us. First we hopped on a train at Landsborough and got off at Brisbane Central.

Ready to explore!

We walked to the Queen St Mall and bought a yummy yummy hot chocolate and a chai latte and a cappuccino. After that, we set off down the streets and we crossed over the bridge to South Bank and we kept on walking until we got to the museum.

Over the bridge ... South Bank.

Once we arrived at the museum we dropped our bags off at the reception and wandered down to the science exhibit. There were lots of good exhibits like the body challenge, wonky walk, head on a platter, room of confusion, bike riding boney, lift a fridge, crazy mirrors, body mass index, snapshot of your shadow and lots of other really cool things. After we looked at all the exhibits we stopped and had a look in the museum shop. There were a lots of really awesome gems and rocks and other things.

mmm... that looks like a yummy lunch!

Oh no I'm gonna throw up!

For lunch we went to a park in South Bank and we saw a fake beach (that even had a life guard!). The weather was so perfect we even decided to catch the Citycat (Meoooooooooow – that’s a Rivercat – to be precise). We saw the lovely view of the Story Bridge and Brisbane. Once we got off the Ferry – we worked our way back to the station.

A beach in a park??

On to the City Cat

Brisbane Explorers!

On the ride home we giggled and giggled at hilarious things that Axo1000 & Chicca said.

by BloggiE and Chicca (Guest Blogger)

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4 Responses to Brisbane Explorers

  1. Marnie says:

    Great blogging everyone! Fun to read and fun to follow you!

  2. Hermione says:

    Fabulous! Brisbane never sounded so great.

  3. Lozzy says:

    Sounds like a fun museum & weather looks warm!

  4. Libby says:

    Glad to be on the bandwagon finally 🙂 looks like you are having a great time. That pineapple looks familiar. What a cool photo!

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