‘Da Worlds’

Well are you cereal!? (credit to Raph) You’re reading my stuff again! This is the post on ‘da worlds’ yuv all been waiting for.

Dreamworld. What you need to know before I launch into a  story of what happened, I must let you know that… we had this special  pass thingy that let us skip the really long queue (the  queue looked really,really big).

When we got in we had to discuss a whole lot of things like where to meet if you get lost bleh, bleh,bleh and had a look at some rides. Here are the top 3.

The first of the rides was the river rapids ride. The river rapids ride was a round raft that you went in along a river (and got very wet).

Getting wet on the 'river rapids'

Then there was the giant drop. There was a warning sign before you went in that said “go on this ride at your own risk…you may have to live the rest of your life with weak neck, weak back, vertigo, anxiety and a whole lot of other things I cannot remember.  The giant drop was one of those big towers that brought you up really high (that’s as high as a 40 storey building. Teehee!) and at the top you were held for a really really long time to scare you then do a jolt to fake the drop just to freak you out.  You then dropped you at free-fall speed. It was phenomenal!

"Mummy, how come the people getting off that are green?"

We also rode on the ‘cyclone’. The ‘cyclone’ is probably the best roller-coaster Ive been on. (only been on 2)It was fast,wild and had 2 loop-de-loop’s.

"Mummy, why aren't they falling out?"

So there you go, Dreamworld isn’t as bad as I assumed and I would even recommend a bit. So keep on teeheeing for me.                       teehee!

axo1000                  Ω

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7 Responses to ‘Da Worlds’

  1. SamR says:

    We also rode on the ‘cyclone’. The ‘cyclone’ is probably the best roller-coaster Ive been on. (only been on 2)

    High praise indeed.

  2. Stellamarie says:

    I think that you should send Eleanor back to ballet right now so that she does not have to endure all this! Poor things! I am going to report these parents to the Vomit Police!!!! I think I should sign out before someone spews on me!!!
    YUK! I have a migraine just looking at it! Have fun!

  3. Lozzy says:


  4. lachie basten says:

    good onya Will pushing Jacque into the lake

    she told us today she was in er best dress


    Lachie B

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