Gold Coast Bling!

Where else in Australia can you find…

Sunbakers and skyscrapers in July...


Kung-Fu Panda...


A guy on a ladder who juggles knives, fire and babies...


Fitness, fast food and tatts all in one convenient location...


And some giant thongs????


The Gold Coast of course!!



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5 Responses to Gold Coast Bling!

  1. sophrussell says:

    hilarious pics. I had to look twice for the baby the man was juggling. Very jealous of all the short sleeve action. The weather looks great!

  2. SamR says:

    fastfood, tats and gym?

    Hmm… Maybe they want you to get a slogan inked on your oversize belly, but make sure there’s lots of space between the letters so that when you hit the crunches in the gym the tat tightens up and becomes legible?

  3. Lozzy says:


  4. The Jacksons says:

    hi eleanor
    I hope you’re having a great time.
    we missed you at school today. THe topic for our tables this term is famous buildings and these are some of them: – the Centrepoint Tower, Eiffel Tower, and pyramids. Scarlett and Max are back and had a great time on thier trips. We’ve got a spare seat that is empty 😦 WE start tennis in sport tomorrow but its pouring with rain right now! hows the weather? THe photos are incredible- very funny words to go with the pictures. Lots of love Abby

    • Hey Abby,
      I wish I was studying famous buildings! My favorite famous building is the big Ben and eiffel tower. By the way the weather is fine there has been some showers but mostly sunny & windy. I am missing you all and tell miss Spencer that I’m missing her too!
      It’s almost like me and Scarlett have swapped. I am really hoping that you are
      having great time!
      Love Ele : )
      P.S. Please reply. P.P.S.S peace!

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