Our Rig Build Up

For all you adventurers (budding and active) here’s our rig build up.  After much research for our trip I found myself being drawn into the world of forums on camping, 4WD and traveling. I found out that it is customary to give a detailed rundown of your traveling setup,  aka the Rig Build Up.   So…..

Jake and the tug !

Tow Vehicle (Tug)…….Prado 150 D4D, Cooper AT3s,  EC nudge bar, Bushranger Nighthawk driving lights, GME 3100UHF, Firestone rear airbags, 100A Aux battery with Pirahna mgt system, Redarc Brake controller, Anderson plug,  Rhino Alloy roof tray and a set of home made drawers in the rear.

Camper (Jake)…….Jayco Eagle Outback, Getaway awnings and bag ends, 100Ahr Deep cycle Battery, extra water tank (160l total) Pole Carrier, Bike rack on A frame, extra gas bottle.

Not the full monty but certainly comfortable enough to keep us out of harms way and live in style in the bush !


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3 Responses to Our Rig Build Up

  1. SamR says:

    Fully sic man

  2. Lozzy says:

    Dang, went into ‘things, like maths, that I don’t understand mode’ & found myself skimming. Sorry Spike, I know it matters, will try again when it’s not the end of the day.

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