Birthday Blockbuster

It was the 2nd of December when I woke and saw this sign taped to the roof of my bunk-bed in the cabin in the caravan park in Adelaide in South Australia in Austral- yeah, you get the idea.

It was my birthday and I was very exited. Which you probably understand. I received some presents when Mum and Dad woke up.

Creationary, more genius from LEGO

That day we drove to the Beachouse at Glenelg. It is an awesome fun park and a must visit when in Adelaide. We bought these cards that gave us unlimited access to most things for 100mins. And I can tell you that we enjoyed every  minute of that 100.

Beachouse back view. Check out those waterslides!!!!!!!!

The bumper cars were epic fun. These were ones were they didn’t have to have really tall rods stretching up to the roof and it was only us in the ring. I went for an F1 Ferrari team.


Foot on the gas!!!!!

Next up…the Bumper boats. A bit like the cars but in water. Did I mention the uber-techy water jet built in to the steering engine?


Let ze battle begin!

The rest of the Beachouse was fun. We had a long go on the water slides there was one where it was pitch black and really fast.

The end of "The raft", pitch black and super fast.

That afternoon we had fish and chips for lunch. I had saved up enough for an iPod touch sooo, I bought an 8GB white iPod touch. It is awesome.

At home we had a cake. It was extremely tasty, and filling.

Looks yummy. Try not to eat your computer screen.

We ate out for dinner at Brighton. The restaurant had a lovely view of the jetty and the ocean.

The restaurant and us

The next day we visited our second cousins: Matthew age 9, Zoe age 6 and Amy age 4 and their parents Wendy and Geoff. We played cricket and handball with them.

Me, Mathew, Amy and El. Zoe is above Mathew in the cubbyhouse.

Best birthday ever!!!!!!!


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7 Responses to Birthday Blockbuster

  1. Libby says:

    Looks like a great celebration!
    I can’t wait til C& J are old enough to warrant buying them Lego games – they look so much fun!

  2. Marnie says:

    It sounds like a fantastic birthday Will – the Beach House sounds huge fun! So glad you had such a great day. We are staying with Meg and family – and Meg is very excited – she didn’t tell you when you called her that she got a 8gb white Ipod Touch as well – saved up for with birthday and pocket money.

  3. Marie Rowe says:

    happy birthday Wil !! not sure how all you little tackers got to be 11!!
    BTW, a new lego exhibition just opened in the big smoke with lego as art – looks fab

  4. Lozzy says:

    The Beach House looks awesome!

  5. Stellamarie says:

    Happy Christmas Little Wheatleys. Have enjoyed your wonderful posts and going on the journey with you. Best blog I have ever seen. What and experience.

  6. Grace Ayling says:

    how old are you ?
    what did you get? and

    when is your birthday?



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