Riding the Riesling

Wandering for 31kms along a disused rail line, the Riesling Trail provided us with a much longed for dose of cycling. Starting at Clare, the ride passes through historic wine villages of Sevenhill, Leasingham, Watervale as it meanders its way to Auburn.

Stopping only for a day ride, we stepped, or should I say peddled out of our campsite onto the trail and headed up to Sevenhill and  beyond for a coffee and hot chocolate.

Riding the Riesling Trail

Happiness is a Belgian Hot Chocolate!

With the sustenance on board, we headed down into Clare to check out the town and have a bit of lunch. The score of the day was a mini Christmas tree compatible with the confines of Jake, carried on bike back to base camp. The best news of the day arrived with a howling Northerly, which blew us back up the incline to home.

Cruising down to Clare

The next morning, saw us stop off at the Jesuits’ church in Sevenhill before a leisurely drive down through the Clare Valley passing through villages not reached by bike.

Sevenhill church

Classic Sevenhill architecture

The result……all happy campers. Kate thankful for the ride, lovely historic settings and great cafes. BloggiE and axo1000 thankful for the tailwind, downhill cruising and Belgian Hot Chocolates (although I am sure the Floods would not approve of this). Spike for the ride, the coffee and the chance to check out the terroir of some of his favourite wines.

Happy bike riding campers

Turning in for home.

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2 Responses to Riding the Riesling

  1. 4Lloyds! says:

    Very jealous of you Wheatleys!

  2. Lozzy says:

    Terroir??? Looks like a beautiful day for a ride – you guys must be mega fit by now, who needs a tail wind?

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