In Esperance…

…wide salt lakes glisten and your thongs are sucked into the sand.

…aqua reef beaches ring the coast.

…you need a wetsuit to swim in Twilight Bay.

…the harbour is the working heart of the Town.

… grain, nickel and iron ore are loaded onto ships and carried across the sea.

…New Zealand fur seals sun themselves on the Archipelago of the Recherche.

…an eagle glides above our boat…

…he’s done this before.

…colonies of cormorants nest in the granite islands…

..while sea lions flake out across the channel and…

…the Wheatleys explore an underwater garden in the cove of Woody Island.

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2 Responses to Esperance

  1. Sally says:


  2. Grandad says:

    Nicely done Kate. Good photography, good words. Good post all round.

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