It Was Just an Overnighter…

…on the way to Port Hedland. We pulled into Eighty Mile beach at lunchtime where we had heard about a long beach with 10m tides.

It was windy, but after set up and a cup of tea, we decided to take a walk on the sand.

The tide was heading out...

... and there were shells!

We combed the shore.

So perfect in nature. It was as if someone had drawn a flower on some.

Dad safeguarded the good ones in the snaplock bag.

There were plenty of good ones.

All sorts of shapes.

And plenty where someone was still at home...

And once we had searched and marvelled enough, we walked together along the shore.

The next morning, cleaned and sorted, the shells just needed a home.

Lucky we’ve got Spike – who managed to find a spot somewhere in the puzzle of our tightly packed possessions (though he is still heard muttering about the ruin of his finely tuned and tessellated system….).

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3 Responses to It Was Just an Overnighter…

  1. 4Lloyds! says:

    Looks beautiful. Fantastic photographs. Have you had any rain at all on your travels?
    Sal xxxx

  2. That is a lot of shells! We’ve been too a beach where you have to wear shoes to walk on the shore! We go there with our grandma.(Mum never appreciates us bringing bags and bags of shells into the house.) (;

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