Cape Leveque

The track north from Broome was the sandiest so far. We gripped the wheel and paid close attention to where the road seemed the most secure. Although many people had recommended Cape Leveque as a lovely destination, I’m not sure that we really knew what we were about to experience as we slid Jake up Cape Leveque Road.

On the way up, we stopped for lunch at Beagle Bay, an Aboriginal settlement, to see the famous Sacred Heart Church built by the Pallotine Order in the early 1900’s for the Beagle Bay Mission. It was breathtaking. The interior was small and intimate, yet decorated with the most beautiful shells, cowries, mother of pearl and others.

Sacred Heart Beagle Bay

The Altar - aqua blue, the shells caught the light.

Divine mosaic from one of the small altars in the church (inspiration Wendy!)

At Cape Leveque, we were directed onto the far side of the cape, to the thatched beach shelters, where we set up Jake, declared school holidays and embraced the sea air.

Jake, parked at Jundi, our beach shelter.

Each morning we woke shortly after sunrise to the gentle roar of the waves on the sand. On the first morning, BloggiE & axo1000 had us in the water by 7.15! We swam for 4 hours with only a handful of others until the tide stretched out way beyond the rocks.

At high tide, the swimming was marvellous.

Taking a splash at the northern beach.

As the tide receded, hidden caves, and rich underwater reefs were revealed!

We spent low tide snorkelling on the Northern beach, just around the point. From above, a submerged rocky outcrop – from below, angelfish, clownfish, rockcods, small stingrays, coral.

Hidden world under the water...

Back on dry sand, the children and their new mates explored the exposed caves, where they quickly created a secret base with a password and banned the adults!

At Cape Leveque, it was also time to dust off those little used fishing rods.

At high tide, it didn't matter if you caught anything, just standing there was a pleasure.

but... someone had a little luck!

and 2! for axo1000. Pictured here with a Long Tom, he also caught a Blue Bone the next day.

And yes - Spike caught one too! Thank goodness after all that baiting up for everyone else.

Ele enjoyed a few fish bites as we cooked one of them up in our shelter.

We loved it so much, we decided to extend. Twice. It gave us time to do things more than once, and spend our time on some other pursuits as well.

axo1000 used a spare hour to whip up a damper with a new Broome inspired recipe - yum!

and read about 25 books.

I walked on the beach...

and Spike took afternoon siestas.

When finally it was time to leave, we had already begun planning our return journey and all the associated logistics. Everyone agreed with axo1000 when he said “This is the best place in Australia!”

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12 Responses to Cape Leveque

  1. Marnie says:

    No wonder you stayed longer – it looks just magic! Even the fishing was successful! Well done! No doubt the contrast will be/was striking when you hit the mining country. Your adventures just go to show what wonders Australia has to offer.

  2. Stellamarie says:

    Unbelievable, breathtaking!

  3. Xman says:

    Oh guys that looks and sounds soo idyllic! Wishing us Bolgers were camped out there with you. You all look so very relaxed and happy… golden sun-kissed too! Lookih forward to catching up on skype on Friday. Love Bianca

  4. Libby says:

    It certainly lived up to it’s reputation! We wished we could have extended when we were there. Matt saw a (baby) shark when we were snorkelling but didn’t tell me til we were out of the water – I think that was a good thing! Spectacular place. So glad you got to revel in it.
    Was the damper a Willie Creek recipe?

  5. The Jacksons says:

    Hello Wheatleys,

    We love following your blog and this place looks amazing! School holidays here are cold and wet so you are certainly in the right spot! We barely recognised Eleanor with that amazing tan!! Looks like you are having a fab time.

    Lots of love from the Jacksons (Abby’s family – coz we are so slack you may have forgotten who we are!)

  6. Whose fish did you eat?

  7. Wendy says:

    Ak is very impressed you got a blue bone Will – ‘good on him’….

  8. Lozzy says:

    No wonder you extended! So beautiful. Reminds me a bit of Samoa – the colour of the water, snorkeling, the huts, your tans, the pace of life and even the siestas! So glad you had such a wonderful ‘holiday’!

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