Yellow Water

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking….but this blog is about a billabong! Oh get a grip! That is not how it is created!! OK!!?

Yellow Water Billabong

We were on a cruise. On a boat. Down Yellow Water with a lovely tour guide (who was practically a bird nerd) who looked suspiciously like my teacher in glasses.

Brolgas flying - bigger than they look

The boat had a few seats, two outboard motors that said “Honda” on them (doubtfully made by Honda who hasn’t made anything fast or interesting …except perhaps the Civic Type R) and a toilet. STOP! I know what you’re thinking…

BloggiE & Kate on the boat. We went on the Billabong and then out onto the South Alligator River.

We saw crocodiles quite early into the cruise. There was a fascinating situation where a female crossed into a male’s territory and to make peace with the advancing male, exposed her throat, the most vulnerable part of her body, and made a gurgling noise.

Crocodile approaching

I can see you!

Good picture by Spike

She saves her life by exposing her throat.


We saw 4 out of the 5 species of Kingfishers but only photographed 3.

My Favourite Azure Blue Kingfisher

Forest Kingfisher waits for tasty fish.

Sacred Kingfisher

Important Eagles use abandoned Kite’s nests in Kakadu.

"I Sam the Eagle am proud to present Wayne and Wanda" (Muppets joke there)

A Golden Tree Python was spotted. Golden Tree Pythons seem to change colour but they just look different in different lights at different angles.

Spot the snake.

Aah there he is.


Cormorants are beautiful birds and like to dry off their wings and bask in the sun.

A Little Pied Cormorant.

Pink Lilies and yellow and white ones hold shear beauty.


Species - White!

And no we definitely didn't get this picture from the internet. Lotus lilies by Kate.

Lily pads are waterproof and edible.

So that’s it. Yellow Water is a highly recommended place for a holiday and is just plain awesome. So if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to the loo.



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7 Responses to Yellow Water

  1. Marnie says:

    Great blog Will! I think the Yellow Water billabong was one of my favourite places – you have some fantastic pics there, especially the croc ones! Aren’t the birds amazing!

  2. eddy says:

    Stunning Photos!! Who is the snapper (not the scaly one)? Hoping you’re all having a ball, top blogging skills. Luv the eddies

    • Hi Eddies, Stoked with our photos on Yellow Water, dawn light, telephoto lens and great subject matter. Snaps by both Spike and Kate here – spent the cruise passing the camera depending on which side of the boat the subject was on!

  3. The Rowes says:

    Those girls sure look hot, but geez you seem to be having a time!!
    I like a bit of a story with my information, or is it information with my story, in any case I LIKE IT!!

  4. Libby says:

    Love the photos. That croc story is great – whenever we saw crocs they were lying very still.
    Now I can’t stop thinking about things like Getting up to P in the Dictionary and that good old book “Yellow River” by I.P. Daily. 🙂

  5. Why is it called yellow water if its not y’now.

  6. Lozzy says:

    Toby says: I like the crocodiles you saw. they’re just like the ones we saw at the zoo. I like the crocodile’s neck and I like them sunbaking.
    Yesterday I goed to a party and I got a hat. It was a pirate one. There was a pirate there, he made things with balloons. It was a long one, he twisted it into a shape like a flower, or a hat or a dog or a sword. And I got a glow stick, a pink one that turns into purple when it glows.

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