Towin’ the Trailer..


Towin' the Trailer

Cranking it up ...

All set for the night...

We picked up the trailer on the weekend from Coolangatta. We’ve named it “Jake”. It was a 2000km adventure away from work and school, and worth every minute in that car to sleep overnight in our new soon-to-be home. It’s big and white and pops out to sleep in. No reverse parking was attempted – but plenty of imagining how it will be when July comes around.

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6 Responses to Towin’ the Trailer..

  1. KW says:

    Testing those comments..

  2. the creepers says:

    Axo1000 is really awesome!
    The creepers from minecraft

  3. Thea says:

    Hi Eleanor,
    its me Thea:)
    I miss you very much.

    Its Eve’s birthday tomorrow!!!
    Hope you’re having a great week so far.
    Hope to speak to you soon
    from your friend:)

    • Hey Thea,
      Its me Eleanor I’ve had a great week thank you. Hope you have read MY blog the name is : Off We Go At Last.I am hoping you are having a great time and also happy birthday to Eve! It is freezing out here! I really hope we can keep in contact even when it is impossible to but still I hope we can.
      Love Eleanor ( a.k.a BloggiE )

  4. shadowhand2 says:

    hey axo1000

    thatsssssssssssss a nice caravan you have there.
    hope you have a nice time and you don’t get blown up by the creepers!

    may you have a good time and you remember us all here at school, DON’T FORGET US!!!!

    from shadowhand2

    • TWANG! HISS! THOCK! AAAAAARRRGH! Watch out for those nasty skeleton archers.

      Hope all is well and going like a Duracell battery. How’s your crafting going? Will email tonight.

      TWANG! HISS! THOCK! Ouch!! Those naughty skeleton archers,


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