Postcards from the Journey Home

We knew that once we left that ferry in Port Melbourne, we would want to head for home. With holiday time dwindling, we spent the past week ticking off a few things, but also savouring our last moments of riding, walking, camp-firing and being together. This blog is a record of things we want to remember from our last week on the road.

Puzzling it out on our last day in the Apple Isle at Tazmazia. BloggiE, Kate & Li reach the centre of the confusion maze..

Evening aboard the Spirit of Tasmania II.

Farewell Tasmania. Lights of Devonport in the background...

Farewell Bolgers - lovely friends and travelling companions - we are so glad to have shared our time here with you all! See you back at the ranch...

Beechworth - Victoria - a rail trail downhill not to be missed - uphill much more of a challenge!

What really happened to Ned? (Kelly that is!) Our walking tour guide brought it all to life.

Hay ride anyone? Another great campground activity for kids.


Along the road to Gundagai... what's a trip around Oz without the Dog on the Tuckerbox? axo1000 jazzed up the photo shoot with a trip into the pond that now surrounds the statue!

2 border crossings in one day!

Gotta be done! Year 5 excursion ticked off.

Good to visit the National Capital at the end of our time. We all feel very differently about Australia now.

aaah... Wairo Beach. Back to where the plan was first hatched.

Spike & BloggiE enjoy the surf.

axo1000 - post wave.

Our final set -up. Jake parked on the South Coast in our usual Christmas camping spot for 2 nights. Of course once we set up, we wanted to stay for the week. Everything was familiar and the weather was fine.

Last evening on the road.

Last minute reading, drawing and a little blogging before the final camp fire.

On the way to Sydney, we stopped in for one last visit with our old travelling buddies, The Bohemians. It was the perfect end to the trip because one of our greatest gains from our time away has been friendship, forged on the road, and we will take that with us into our next adventures and beyond. After a delicious lunch, a swim in the dam, and a ride on the quad bike, they sent us on our way…

And at last .... home!

Thank you friends for our special welcome home - we are glad to be back.

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4 Responses to Postcards from the Journey Home

  1. Stellamarie Kruize says:

    Aaaahhh, I am going to miss your blog! 😦 Eleanor! You have teeth! Yay! Welcome home guys! Love Stellamarie xxxx

  2. 4Lloyds! says:

    Can’t wait to see you xxx

  3. Meg says:

    Welcome home you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are all very proud of you and wish you luck on settling in and looking forward to seeing you guys very soon


  4. Tom M says:


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