Tour of Bruny Island Seas

Hi again – BloggiE here.

Look at this queue of cars. You must be wondering why we are taking a photo of this queue. It is kind of important because we were getting on a ferry to Bruny Island and this was the line.

In a very short time of 1 hour and 45 mins, we finally got onto the ferry!

Once we arrived on Bruny Island, we took a scenic tour round the curvy roads to the cruise on South Bruny Island. When we had parked the car, we ran for our lives to the cruise because we were late. Being the last ones on, we jumped right up the back.

On the cruise, they supplied us with red spray jackets, much like the ones we wore on the Rottnest island cruise. When the boat started, it went slowly at first.

We passed the local species of black faced cormorants, rare on the mainland, but common in Tasmania.

The cliffs were like the cliffs of insanity. There, hollowed out, was a tiny little cove and in that hollowed out tiny little cove, there was a hollowed out tiny little hole.

When you look at this photo, you might think the cliffs are amazing, but also look at the small rock island. It looks like a king with a dog, doesn’t it? Our boat went through the gap between the cliffs and the king!

Now it’s time to crank up the speed. Next stop Antarctica!

Oh! Look who’s driving!  Abandon ship! It’s billichilli in charge!

Next we saw the Australian fur seals, the cousins of our dear old friends the New Zealand fur seals from Esperance.

It was so windy, rough and wet that the spray on the water flew off the rocks.

We saw some gannets – very interesting…

Albatross – massive wing span, largest of any bird.

The dolphins were just amazing. They followed us alongside the boat and one even did a series of jumps out of the water, like in the Barbie movies. He was as fast as the boat.

When we had finished the cruise, we drove back to the North island. When we arrived at the neck, that joins the two islands, we took some steep steps to the lookout (and we saw some teenagers kissing!).

The neck – a beautiful view from the lookout.

Tune in for my last blog, next time,


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1 Response to Tour of Bruny Island Seas

  1. Ghosty says:

    Hey Bloggi, that all looks and sounds absolutely fantastic!! I’m sure I caught a glimpse of the Dread Pirate Roberts just beyond the hole in those cliffs;-) and those dolphins certainly looked like they were trying to race your cruise boat. It does seem a bit funny that the australian fur seals hang out in Tassie, and the NZ fur seals hang out in WA – it sure seems like it should be the other way around!!

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