No School Today?

“What are you doing about their school work?” has been one of the most common questions of our trip. It has been asked by well meaning nomads, suspicious shopkeepers and other parents doing their best on the road like us. If I mention I’m a teacher, it only gets complicated and I’m often required to give my entire philosophy of education and hear how their children are all actuaries and dentists now because they always sat down to their 4 hours of work on the road back in 1982! It’s at that point that axo1000 and BloggiE stare vacantly in another direction, hoping that I won’t recall the conversation in the car 20mins ago where they refused to write another diary entry and I banned ipods until they did….such effective parenting…

Of course, if I wanted them to sit down for 4 hours of school work every day, I could have left them at school, which is why I love afternoons like the one at Gibson’s steps.

A simple picnic, a boy with a daydream…

Inspiration… a wooden structure on the beach…

We could do that… actually we could make one more like a Sculpture by the Sea… What have we got to work with?

Umm.. washed up cable, wood…and this could be good.

Every building needs a good foundation. Every kid needs one too and this is just the guy to provide it!

Let the structural engineering begin!

It’s important that there’s a balanced design.


…and assistance.

Finishing touches.

Signage – Written in Cuttlefish chalk!

And Ta-Dah!

Sculpture gallery by the 12 Apostles.

An hour of creativity, industry, cooperation and a jolly good time!

And now for the school holidays!

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6 Responses to No School Today?

  1. Marnie says:


  2. Meg says:

    Wow you guys!! That looks pretty cool! Oh and by the way how did you make that cuttlefish chalk?

  3. Stellamarie says:

    Dear Kate and Mike,

    You have given Eleanor and William and yourselves the biggest gift by going on this adventure. If people need to ask those questions simply say there is no education on earth better than learning from life every day. Your venture has excited me and I look forward to all your posts. I can see how much they have grown and learnt and no amount of formal schooling in little Gordon West could replace all the wonderful learning they have done in the last few months.

    Lots of love to you all and have a very blessed Christmas.

  4. The Jacksons says:

    Hi Eleanor
    I can’t wait until you get back
    Did you now that Mrs Kellaway has retired ?
    I am missing you soooooooooooooo much
    Lots of love Abby XOXO

  5. Lozzy says:

    Watching my kids blossom these holidays is making me wonder whether to start school at all……

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