From The Garage of Mt Gambier

Back in Alice Springs we met some friends from Mt Gambier, so we decided to visit them on our travels through South Australia. Our friends were Naomi, Paul, Grace and Claire. We set up Jake in their garage….our first undercover campsite !

Jake enjoying a roof for once !

They wanted to take us on a tour of the town and its many attractions. We thought there was just the Blue Lake at Mt Gambier, but as we discovered there was a lot more….

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Our first stop was at the Valley Lake. The lake was inside an old volcano and it had really steep sides.  We had more fun rolling down the side of the hill over and over again than looking at the lake.

Grace, Me, Claire and axo1000 at Valley Lake

Rolling down the hill

Lets do it again!

Next we went to look at the main attraction of Mt Gambier. The Blue Lake. It is another lake inside an old volcano. All the water from the area soaks into the ground and gets into an aquifer that then fills up all the holes from the volcanos. It was really blue which is because of all the limestone in the ground. It was so beautiful and we walked all the way around.

The Blue Lake

We also went to Umpherstons Garden. It was inside a sink hole. A sink hole is a big hole in the ground where the limestone was eroded away underneath and the ground dropped into the hole! There are lots of them in Mt Gambier and some of them have been turned into lovely gardens. We went down into the hole and played hide & seek.

Beautiful Garden in Umpherston's Hole

Mrs Umpherston's Garden

After Lunch we were getting hot so we decided to go to the beach. But first we went into the forests around Mt Gambier to do a butterfly walk and look at another sink hole called Hells Hole. It was really creepy and dark. People used to use it to dump stolen things into, like cars !

Hells Hole

Forests around Mt Gambier

Looking for butterflies on the Butterfly Walk

And finally, after all the hot struggles and sweat we got to go to the beach near Port Macdonnell. Grace and Claire had their own surfboards so we all went out and had a great time surfing on the boards.

Lets go surfing!

The el dude-arino!

Enjoying the Southern Ocean beaches

On the way home we visited Little Blue Lake. It was in another sink hole but not as Blue as the big one. Our last stop was the local favourite, Badenoch’s ice creams.

Little Blue Lake. A litle blue, don't you think ?

In the end we were amazed. It was so surprising how much you could see in Mt Gambier and we had a wonderful timing catching up with our friends Claire and Grace. Thank you Fergatrons for a lovely time in Mt Gambier.

Tune in next time,


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2 Responses to From The Garage of Mt Gambier

  1. Libby says:

    Gorgeous blues. Fabulous to see friends again too.

  2. Grace Ayling says:

    hi eley thank you foe the card and merry chrisrtmas i hope you enjoy your holiday see you next year i miss you toooo.

    Grace Ayling ps(i hope santa knows were you are!!)

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