The Devils Marbles

On our way to Alice Springs we stopped at the Devils Marbles. I thought the Devils Marbles would just be a couple of rocks balancing in about 4-5 big columns but no, I get big masses of rock all over the place in the most amazing formations!  

We got to the campsite early and found the best spot with a bench and two gumtrees. It was bonza.  The campsite was right inside the Devils Marbles and next to the biggest rock formations.

Cracking spot for a campsite

When we were setting up we had the urge to go up and climb all over the rocks, so we spent a few hours exploring all over the rocks.

Climbing heaven!

Rock hopping

In the evening we went up the rocks and sat at the top to watch the the sunset. We had some drinks and spotted a rock wallaby up on the rock with us.

Sunset on the Marbles

One of the most amazing things about the Devils Marbles is the colours of the rocks. The were so epically orange.

So orange, you could eat it !

A Marble

We had a dinner and stories under the stars. They were so bright, we saw satellites passing overhead and even saw a shooting star! Spike told stories about the legendary Screaming Banshee that used to haunt the Devils Marbles, and then tried to scare me when we went out to the bush toilet in the dark of the night.

In the morning we got up early and Spike filmed the rocks changing colours as the sun rose.



It has been one of the best things we have seen so far. I really enjoyed jumping and ninjaing around the Marbles but now have legs full of scratches, cuts and bruises.

So if you happen to be passing the Devils Marbles you should ninja in and check out the awesomeness for yourself.

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13 Responses to The Devils Marbles

  1. Hermione says:

    OK Will, we will.

  2. SamR says:

    Awesome colours in the vid. What happened to the screaming Banshee?

  3. Lozzy says:

    Wow, beautiful. I imagine there are two little boys here who would have laughed themselves silly if they’d seen your Ninja moves. Love from all the Maccas to you all.

  4. Julianne says:

    AWESOME! Love the photography. Hope you didn’t take any marbles with you!

  5. Xman says:

    Now I sooo want to go to the Devil’s Marbles. Sounds like a great place for a ninja duel. I finally finished reading HP and just saw the final movie. It was awesome!! What is the water like there? Skype soon? Xman

  6. Stellamarie says:

    I am so loving your journey guys! Lovely place and lovely colour, wow! love Stellamarie

  7. Lisa says:

    Great to hear your news! Wonderful pictures and adventurous climbing. What does the orange taste like?

  8. Wendy says:

    The devils marbles are awesome, Ak and i loved them as well. love wendy

  9. Jacque says:


  10. Zachary Loofs says:

    Hey Will remeber “It’s all around my hat”

  11. Zachary Loofs says:

    Yeah rember how Thor smashed the frost giants with his trusty HAMMER.
    And guess what I can do forward flips on a trampoline.
    Hey Will rember prampoline from Andy Griffits.

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