A Milestone

the vast, blue sky

We have made it to the Northern Territory. It’s a first for 3 of us. We love the colours – these incredible blue skies, the vivid oranges and reds and the bush greens – thanks to some fairly recent rains.

From Cloncurry to Alice Springs is about 1200kms and our biggest drive was Cloncurry to Barkly Homestead. We were scrambling over ourselves to get out of the car to take pictures at the border. Any excuse would have done!

Out of the car...playing after a long day

We camped at Barkly Homestead, the only rest stop before you turn left at Three Ways. We ran about, swam, learned to tie knots, checked out the plane Matt used to fly and climbed trees – all in about 1 hour before ordering tea at the roadhouse.

I think I lost him...?

And on to Alice….

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8 Responses to A Milestone

  1. Hermione says:

    I had forgotten how red it is out there. Hot too.

  2. Lozzy says:

    Amazing photo of the leaping gazelle!

  3. Lozzy says:

    I’ve just looked at the map, you have gone such a long way already!!! Feels like you’ve only just left! Nice to see everyone relaxed and enjoying themselves!

  4. Libby says:

    Matt felt a little nostalgia coming on with this post 🙂

  5. Grace Ayling says:

    Hi Eley
    I am Miss ing you sooooooo much I will see you next year in year 3. Miss Spencer has ceped your spider safe. I like your blog. I am felling verry sad that you have gon I also hope that you are having great fun. From Grace ayling(I miss you verry much.)

  6. Stellamarie says:

    I love that photo of you Eleanor flying through the air! That is the best leap I have ever seen! You would get 10 out of 10 for that in your exam! I think I should save it and send it on to our other teacher Miss Ellman-Brown. Can I put it in one of my Face Book albums which is called “Ballet” I don’t tag anyone but always get permission first.

    Keep jumping … and stretch your toes!


  7. Nick P says:

    Looks like you are having a great time Will. What has been your favourite destination? We have cricket practice on a Friday afternoon. Our excursion was great and we got good accommodation,we had no kitchen.

    • No kitchen, what!? no fair as! my fave destination so far was da gold coast. I’ll hopefully be back for the 2nd half of the cricket season. How did soccer go? Keep annoying all those girls. What’s happening at school? Any more crazes? What was your favourite part of the excursion? and was it snowing? Great to hear from you.


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